A look at the Nemesis re-paint

As part of the Towers Loving Care programme, Alton Towers have been repainting the Nemesis track, supports and station.


This is the first time that Nemesis has received a full repaint since it opened at the park in March 1994. The work is said to have cost over £120,000 and required the track to be shot blasted down to base metal before the new paint was applied.

The new look is certainly much more vibrant than the colours that many fans have become accustomed to, but we feel that it adds a new lease of life to the 22-year old B&M coaster.



Is that rust on the new paintwork already?! .. No, well not real rust anyway. Following the application of the bright white paint to the track, the scenic painters moved in to add fake rust, in an attempt to save the theme that fans love the ride for.


You’ll notice in the photo above that the nearest set of supports are jet black and shiny, whereas the ones further away are dirty and faded. This is because the supports are also part of the repaint, that will be completed in the 2016-2017 closed season.



What do you think of the new look? Check out the video below to see the ride in action under it’s new guise!