Alton Towers test new rollercoaster restaurant

Alton Towers have began testing the rollercoaster restaurant, a new video has shown.


The restaurant features 13 tables and will seat just over 150 diners at any one time. What makes it special is that guests will have their food delivered to their table┬ávia rollercoaster. Featuring an 8 metre drop from start to finish and two loop-the-loops, this is certainly a unique experience! .. (Unless you’ve already been to FoodLoop at Europa Park).


The Rollercoaster Restaurant opens to the public on Friday 13th May. Whilst booking is not mandatory, it is strongly advised and can be done so by clicking here. During park opening hours diners will need to have purchased and entered Alton Towers theme park as a guest, however the Restaurant will also be open in evenings to non-park guests.

Hungry? Check out the video below of the Rollercoaster Restaurant testing!

Still hungry? Why not check out the menu!