Billy Bates opens brand new Twister Ride

For those who are fans of the Funfair, Bates’ new Twist will be no surprise to you. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to follow the construction of the rides thanks to regular updates on the Billy Bates & Sons Facebook Page. This ride has been the source of large amounts of excitement due to the fact that it will be the first Twist ride to feature a complete SMD LED Lighting Package.


As you can see in the above photo, the colour changing LEDs have been matrixed and programmed so that they are able to be used as a big “screen” – so as well as your typical lighting patterns, the ride will also be able to display scrolling text on the booms!


The ride’s first fair is now underway at Abbey Park (Leicester). Whilst the event started on Friday 27th March, the Twist didn’t debut until Saturday 28th – believed to be due to showman’s superstition that it is bad luck to open a new ride on a Friday.


The photos used in this post are sourced from the Billy Bates & Sons Facebook page. We hope to see the ride in the flesh for ourselves soon and produce a video to showcase the lighting package. In the mean time, Fairgroundking1 has uploaded a video of the ride in action which you can view below.