Birmingham Christmas Market 2014

German markets have become quite a sensation here in the UK. Nothing signifies the start of Christmas more than the smell of a burnt sausage infused with mulled wine. These winter markets are scattered all over the country, but one of the bigger ones takes place annually in Birmingham City Centre.


The event is extremely popular and regularly draws in large crowds, so you can be sure that your £6 glass of mulled wine will get knocked from your hand by some arsehole who’s not looking where they’re going.

As well as the “sheds” selling all kinds of tat that you’d never normally dream of buying, the event also features a few attractions. This year we had an Ice Rink, Ferris Wheel and Gallopers carousel.


It’s all rather nice really. We’re all for fairgrounds keeping with the times and disguising themselves as happy, fun, family friendly pieces of machinery. Attached are a few photos of the event.