Buwalda opens the World’s First Spinning Mouse XXL Coaster

Anybody who is anybody will have seen, if not ridden, a Reverchon Spinning coaster. They’re very popular at UK Funfairs and under-performing theme parks alike. It was some time ago that plans for an “XXL” modified version of the ride were announced, and looked a bit like this:



As you can see, the plan was essentially to add two large drops around the outside of the pre-existing ride, which would then simply connect up to the rest of the circuit. Sound familiar? Probably. European showman Max Eberhardt is well known for performing similar modifications on his Mack rides Wild Mouse coaster, which has made appearances in the UK at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

That aside, the Reverchon version – owned by Buwalda – has now finally opened! Whilst we haven’t been able to see it ourselves yet, there are videos of it surfacing on YouTube – we’ve attached a video by Michael Kuyl¬†which shows an offride view. We can’t help but think that the modifactions look slightly disappointing and “Roller Coaster Tycoony” – but will reserve full judgement until we ride it for ourselves.