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Bruges May Fair (Brugge Meifoor) 2019

This funfair takes place in the middle of Bruges, Belgium and features a great line up of big rides, including the ex-UK KMG Move it 32.

  • Funfairs
  • 13 June 2019

La Cité Suspendue at Parc Astérix

A stunning hotel located on-site at the Parc Asterix Theme Park. In this video we show you the Duplex and Standard family rooms

  • Attractions
  • 1 June 2019

Hold Tight France (and Belgium) – Our Theme Park holiday

Join us on our first foreign adventure of 2019, the "Snaggletour de France". 

  • Funfairs
  • 29 May 2019

Mega Value Fun Park at Manchester Belle Vue Stadium

Pay £5 and get unlimited rides at this little funfair in Manchester!

  • Funfairs
  • 2 May 2019

Stamford Mid-Lent Fair 2019

Join us on a whistle-stop tour of Stamford's annual street fairground.

  • Funfairs
  • 18 April 2019

Stamford Fair Model Show 2019

The Stamford Mid-Lent Fairground Model Show. Featuring a brilliant selection of working miniature fun fair rides.

  • Funfairs
  • 7 April 2019

Blackpool comes to Oldham 2019

  • Attractions
  • 4 March 2019

A look inside Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland 2018

  • Funfairs
  • 20 December 2018

Hull Fair 2018 – Excellent.

One of the best UK fair line-ups of recent years.

  • Funfairs
  • 12 October 2018

Watch Nottingham Goose Fair come to life as the sun sets

Nottingham's massive fun fair in action.

  • Funfairs
  • 7 October 2018

Why Circus Circus is the best HUSS Magic ever built

Fast, smooth and powerful, the HUSS Magic is one of the craziest rides in the world!

  • Funfairs
  • 1 October 2018

Take a front seat ride on Alpina Bahn, the huge travelling roller coaster

Alpina Bahn is a MASSIVE travelling roller coaster that travels in Germany. This Schwarzkopf ride was built in 1983 and still rides like new

  • Funfairs
  • 17 September 2018

Spinning Racer is really quite impressive for a travelling coaster

A ride on board a fantastic spinning roller coaster!

  • Funfairs
  • 14 September 2018

Hold Tight Europe – our crazy Theme Park tour around Germany and Holland!

10 days, 7 Theme Parks, 1 Funfair. Come along for the ride!

  • Funfairs
  • 23 August 2018

Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes 2018 – AMAZING German Funfair!

Join us as we explore one of the World's greatest Funfairs

  • Funfairs
  • 16 August 2018

Muntanya Russa – Coaster on the side of a Spanish mountain!

A brilliant coaster at Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain.

  • Theme Parks
  • 24 June 2018

HTReview – ICON, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

We share our thoughts on the UK's first double-launch coaster

  • Theme Parks
  • 14 June 2018

Lego Roller Coaster!

A multi-angle video and onride POV of this awesome new set!

  • Theme Parks
  • 2 June 2018

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