Bruges May Fair (Brugge Meifoor) 2019

This funfair takes place in the middle of Bruges, Belgium and features a great line up of big rides, including the ex-UK KMG Move it 32.

The fair took place between 10th May and 2nd June 2019.

La Cité Suspendue at Parc Astérix

Walkers lost in an ancient forest have discovered the entrance of a forgotten city, the remains of an ancient civilisation known as the Cité Suspendue (Hanging City)!

A stunning hotel located on-site at the Parc Asterix Theme Park. In this video we show you the Duplex family room (Up to 5 guests) and the Standard family room (Up to 5 guests).

Hold Tight France (and Belgium) – Our Theme Park holiday

Join us on our first foreign adventure of 2019, the “Snaggletour de France”.

Agenda includes Park Asterix, Le Foire du Trone, Bellewaerde, Plopsaland, Brugge May Fair and Chessington World of Adventures.

Mega Value Fun Park at Manchester Belle Vue Stadium

Pay £5 and get unlimited rides at this little funfair in Manchester!

Quite good value, however you do have to pay extra for the funhouses – which of course nobody wanted to do! This event ran from the 14th – 24th February 2019

Stamford Mid-Lent Fair 2019

Join us on a whistle-stop tour of Stamford’s annual street fairground. Just a quick visit this year so not as much footage as I’d usually include in one of these.. check it out!

Stamford Fair Model Show 2019

The Stamford Mid-Lent Fairground Model Show. Featuring a brilliant selection of working miniature fun fair rides. This event took place on Saturday 6th April 2019.

Blackpool comes to Oldham 2019

Join us as we kick start the 2019 fairground season with a visit to Manchester’s “Blackpool comes to Oldham” event. This fair runs a wristband system – pay to get in and get all rides included (dependant on which wristband you buy).

A look inside Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland 2018

The UK’s premier Christmas event is back for its 11th year, but is this the best one yet? We’ve been to see what’s on offer in 2018.

On arrival at Hyde Park the first thing you’ll notice is that the layout of the Wonderland has changed (again). The event organisers are clearly aiming for a Theme Park feel when placing the rides and attractions, opting to create small “themed” areas dotted around Hyde Park. In theory I love this. In reality though, not so much.

The problem with using a Theme Park layout at a temporary event is that people have no idea where everything is and it’s very easy to get lost or unknowingly miss parts out. I almost missed the Euro Coaster completely (what a shame). There is a map available, but it is crap. You also have to consider that when people visit theme parks they already have a pretty good idea of what rides are there and will make the effort to find the big attractions. This isn’t really the case at Hyde Park so we must spare a thought for those showmen with the pokey positions away from the main footfall (Shoutout to the Flying Circus Topscan).

Did somebody say Circus?!

It’s important to remember that no-matter how hard the event organisers try to market the event without using the word, Winter Wonderland is essentially a massive Funfair. A massive funfair with some of Europe’s best rides in attendance. Rides returning for 2018 include Wild Maus XXL, Munich Looping, The Hangover Tower and Ice Mountain, whilst new additions include Circus Circus, Wipe Out and Dr Archibald, Master of Time.

If you have any interest at all in fairgrounds or theme parks, Winter Wonderland is a must-visit just to see the rides. I’ve written an article about Circus Circus before, explaining why it is such a brilliant machine. If you’ve not yet had a ride on it now is your chance, and for the ‘bargain’ price of £5 per person.

“£5 per person?!” .. If you’re reading this from Hull and are a regular visitor to the fair there then it’s likely you’ve just had a heart attack, but fear not, any price-related complaints will be justified to you in no time – “It’s London, things cost more here. Also the ride has come over from Germany on 6000 trailers and the event organisers take a massive cut out of all the takings. Make the customer pay for the privilege”

I jest – Winter Wonderland has always been expensive and most people are just used to it by now. We spent £41 each and for this rode Ice Mountain, Wild Maus, Munich Looping, Dr Archibald, Circus Circus, Alpen Hotel and a kiddie Apple coaster – not bad going although still more than it would cost to get into Phantasialand for a day.

Allow me to stop being sarcastic and re-assure you that despite the grumbles, Winter Wonderland is still the best Winter event I’ve ever been to. I think that when you’ve got an event of this quality one naturally tries to pick fault or areas for improvement, which in itself is important to ensure that the event continues to grow and improve. The continued addition of new rides and attractions along with the introduction of contactless payment are two keys to keeping the event strong for 2018.

What Winter Wonderland is, is a fantastic day out for the whole family. Just not kids in pushchairs – don’t bring them. Hyde Park has a special coating on the floor which automatically propels pushchair wheels in strange directions, shunting them into the back of innocent bystanders.

I haven’t even talked about the other entertainments on offer…. There are other entertainments on offer. Lots of them! A circus.. An Ice show and rink.. the Ice Kingdom.. the Bavarian Village.. The list goes on.

Perhaps the best way to show you what the event is really like is through the medium of a 4 minute video edited to some upbeat music and featuring views from every corner of the event. As luck would have it…. until next time,


Hull Fair 2018 – Excellent.

I’ll keep this one brief and let the footage speak for itself, Hull Fair 2018 had an incredible line up of rides. 

In an attempt to capture the atmosphere and do the event justice here’s a video shot as the sun set, showing the crowds arriving and the rides come to life.

Watch Nottingham Goose Fair come to life as the sun sets

Watch as the fair comes to life as the sun goes down. A very busy event this year. The Goose Fair takes place every October at the Forest Recreation Ground, Nottingham (UK).

Why Circus Circus is the best HUSS Magic ever built

Those who’ve been here before will know how fond we are of HUSS Magic rides. The combination of fast motions, floaty airtime and constant changes of direction allow Magic to hit that sweet spot right between being thrilling and sickening.

Designed in 1989, the Huss Magic comprises of 12 – 4 seater spinning cars suspended at the ends of four spinning radial arms, which are in turn attached to four more spinning arms.. yes, this ride spins a lot.

As the ride begins the two sets of arms spin in opposite directions creating a sizzler-twist like motion. As the speed increases the operator can then angle the centre of the ride, causing the four arms to raise up and down in a wave-like motion. The motion is not too dissimilar to that of a Polyp, however the added weight and angle of the cars here make Magic’s ride experience feel somewhat more forceful.

Circus Circus was built in the birth year of Magic, 1989, making it almost 30 years old now. Despite this, you’d be forgiven for thinking the ride was brand new – it is immaculate. Owner Thomas Gründler (Germany) is to be commended for the efforts he has put into maintaining this beautiful machine, which has had a full refurbishment in winter 2017-2018. The works which were carried out by SAD Maschinenbau Gmbh not only ensured the mechanical wellbeing of the ride but also the superficial appearance, with an extensive repaint taking place.

This alone would be enough to crown Circus Circus as the number 1 Magic ride, but the show doesn’t stop there. Circus Circus is consistently operated to fully exploit the capabilities of the HUSS machine. The rider experience is fast, thrilling and forceful thanks to the manual controls which are used to ensure no two rides are the same.

Where can you ride it? Well, normally the answer would be Germany.. however.. Circus Circus will be making its way to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland (London) 2018 and I highly recommend you visit and give it a go. But if you can’t wait that long then check out our full on-ride video below!

Take a front seat ride on Alpina Bahn, the huge travelling roller coaster

Alpina Bahn is a MASSIVE travelling roller coaster that travels in Germany. This Schwarzkopf ride was built in 1983 and still rides like a brand new coaster here in 2018.

Filmed at the Dusseldorf Rheinkirmes 2018 using GoPro mounted to the train. Alpina Bahn is owned and toured by Oscar Bruch.

Spinning Racer is really quite impressive for a travelling coaster

For those of us based in the UK, we’d perhaps be forgiven for assuming that the only type of rollercoaster that is able to be packed onto a lorry and travelled is a “Crazy Mouse”. So what if I told you it didn’t have to be this way?!

Well fear not, it only takes a short journey overseas before you come across some of the world’s most impressive and unique travelling fairground rides. Today we take a ride on Spinning Racer, a coaster built by Maurer Sohne – the company behind Spinball Whizzer and Dragon’s Fury in the UK.

This particular ride was built in 2001 and travels under the ownership of Inge and Angela Bruch. We found it at the Dusseldorf Rheinkirmes and took a ride with our GoPro mounted onto the car. 

It’s absolutely brilliant! A very smooth example of this ride type and presented to an immaculate standard. But don’t take our word for it, take a ride yourself in the video below!

Hold Tight Europe – our crazy Theme Park tour around Germany and Holland!

Join us for a mega roller coaster holiday through Germany and Holland! What an adventure this one was! Starting and ending in Cologne, the trip included 1570km of driving and 122km of walking. In 10 days we covered 7 theme parks, 1 funfair and 6 hotels.

We’ve done our best to cram it all into a 4 minute film, but there is plenty more to see over the coming months so please do subscribe to our YouTube channel if you like what you see!

Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes 2018 – AMAZING German Funfair!

One of the World’s BEST funfairs, and the largest on the Rhein, join us as we explore the 2018 Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes!

This year’s Kirmes saw a record attendance of around 4.2 million visitors during its 10 day run, from 13th – 22nd July 2018. Attractions include Alpina Bahn, Hangover, Chaos Pendel, Konga, Spinning Racer, Infinity, Mr Gravity, Hollenblitz and many more!

Muntanya Russa – Coaster on the side of a Spanish mountain!

A stunning location for a roller coaster! Muntanya Russa is at Tibidabo Amusement Park in Barcelona, Spain. Includes onride and offride POV.

HTReview – ICON, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Welcome to the first Hold Tight Review – a series where we hope to share our thoughts on some of Europe’s newest rides and roller coasters! Feedback is welcome as this will very much be a series that evolves based on trial and error!!

In today’s review we share our thoughts and opinions on Icon, the new MACK multi-launch coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. How does it stack up against Helix, Blue Fire and Taron? Have you ridden Icon? Let us know your thoughts below.

Lego Roller Coaster!

Look at this awesome new Lego set! This is the Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261, released 1st June 2018.

The set features two roller coaster trains, working lift hill and station, and even a transfer/traverser track for adding and removing the second train.