Construction of ‘Raik’ Boomerang Coaster at Phantasialand

Germany’s Phantasialand is set to open a new “Themed World” in 2016. Named Klugheim, the world will feature two brand new rollercoasters.  The first of these new coasters is ‘Taron’, a multi-launch coaster from Intamin, and has been under construction since early last season. Coming as a bit more of a surprise, however, is the recent announcement of a second coaster for the area. Named ‘Raik‘, the ride is a family Boomerang Coaster from Vekoma.


According to signs in the park, the ride will be the longest of it’s kind in the World. The layout is not yet publically known however the park have recently posted these photos showing the lift hill rising up in the middle of the River Quest ride.


Member of the Phantafriends forum Tobi has been following the construction of the new area and creating a virtual model as building work continues. In his latest image you can see just where the lift for the new coaster is being sited, with the orange lines depicting where the ride’s station is expected to be.


Here are a few more construction shots for you, courtesy of the Phantasialand Facebook Page



As can be seen below, the return spike of the ride features kick-wheels and suggests the train may be powered further up the spike than it would be with momentum alone. This differs from previous Family Boomerangs, such as Ben 10 at Drayton Manor, where the only motors are on the first lift.


We can’t wait to visit Phantasialand this season to experience Klugheim for ourselves!