“Europe’s largest Mobile Theme Park” visits Stoke-On-Trent

I know what you’re thinking – the title clearly states that this is a Theme Park, but this post is categorised under “Funfairs”?! Well, that is because this is another one of those events where a funfair tries to disguise itself as something it’s not.

That aside – Stoke On Trent is set to open Europe’s Largest Mobile Theme Park on Thursday 12th March 2015. The event, run by Stanworth’s Fun Fairs, will take place in Fenton (ST3 1HD) next to the KFC.


Much like a Theme Park, the event will run a Wristband system where visitors can pay one set fee to gain them unlimted access to the rides. This will cost £8.99 for adults and £4.99 for children. We went over to visit the site:


As you can probably tell, the “Largest Mobile Theme Park” tagline may not be quite apt for the event, but nonetheless there is a good line up of fairground rides to enjoy, including Freak Out, Twist, Superstar, Booster, Waltzer, Dodgems, Miami, Rotor and Gallopers.

The event runs from 12th-22nd March 2015.