Fly through Abandoned Camelot Theme Park

There’s nothing more eerie than an abandoned Theme Park. You never really stop and imagine that these places exist, and certainly not so close to home. Camelot Theme Park was located in Lancashire, UK, and operated between 1983 and 2012.


Although the park closed in 2012, many of the rides still remain on site – most notably the Knightmare coaster – a huge Schwarzkopf monster admired by many coaster enthusiasts. Unfortunately the site has been victim to vandalism and arson attacks and what is left is in very poor condition.

Channel 4 have just released a mini documentary in which they fly Drones around the abandoned park. Click here to watch the documentary.

A real shame that we lost this park – yes it wasn’t the biggest and didn’t have the best rides out there – but what it did have was a unique charm that a lot of the bigger-corporationy parks don’t seem to have.