Ice Mountain Coaster POV, Winter Wonderland 2015

Ice Mountain is an indoor rollercoaster presented by James Mellors at London’s Hyde Park Winter Wonderland. The ride inside is a Reverchon Spinning Wild Mouse coaster that travels the UK without the Ice Mountain theming during the summer months.

James Mellors first presented the coaster as Ice Mountain in 2013, where the inside of the ride was just a dark shed without any theming. In 2014 internal tunnels, lighting and theming were introduced and marked a great improvement to the ride experience.

Now in it’s 3rd year at Winter Wonderland, the ride has had a few more tweeks, with additional internal lighting and theming that is synchronised with the ride cars.

Is this the best incarnation of the ride yet? We’re not sure. In some ways it is better than last year, but we do really miss the open feel of the first stretch of track prior to the lift from last year. What do you think?