Mack Rides reveals new BigDipper train for Walibi Holland

Mack Rides have revealed their latest coaster train concept – The BigDipper train.


The new train will be used on the Lost Gravity coaster, new for 2016 at Walibi Holland. Mack rides boast that the BigDipper car is capable of navigating tight transitions that are not possible with other trains.

“Extremely sharp turns, massive airtime and floorless outer seats with our comfortable lap bars will let you enjoy Lost Gravity!” – Mack Rides


This certainly looks to be Mack’s take on the Gerstlauer Eurofighter, with the added benefit of the winged outer seats and the fact that Mack seem to actually be capable of producing decent rides.

Lost Gravity will open in 2016. The photo below (from Walibi Facebook) shows a bit of what you can expect from the new coaster.