MACK Rides test Launched Spinning Coaster

German Theme Park giants MACK Rides have today released a video of their latest concept – a Launched Spinning Coaster. To test this concept they’ve added a free-spinning car to the back of one of the trains on the Blue Fire coaster at Europa Park (Which is also owned and operated by the MACK Group).


MACK have described the sensation of riding a free spinning car whilst doing loops and inversions as “Awesome”¬†and they hope to bring this concept to a real project in the near future.

The MACK group really have been pushing the boundaries lately, having also recently unveiled the VR Coaster which sees riders wearing virtual reality headsets whilst riding a rollercoaster. With the advent of 360 Degree video, could we perhaps see a launched spinning VR coaster in years to come?

Watch the video of the test runs below!