Meccano Top Buzz 2009

This is a video of Michael Molden’s awesome model of a Mondial Top Scan ride. The model is made using Meccano, enhanced with hundreds of LEDs, but more impressively, the model is full of complex engineering that allows it to function exactly as the real ride does. It even pulls down onto the trailers just as the real thing does, and is then towed by a fully working Meccano Scania that is controllable via remote control (also made by Michael).

The video doesn’t do the model justice, it has to be seen to be believed, it really is stunning! And it’s not just the Top Scan – Michael has also built a host of other Meccano rides, along with John Molden, who’s Meccano Wild Mouse can be seen in another video on the website.

The video was filmed at Churchdown Funfair Extravaganza 2009.