Meccano “Wild Mouse” Rollercoaster build-up timelapse

Watch as this huge working model of a Wild Mouse roller coaster is built up! 

The Wild Mouse was built by father-and-son duo John and Michael Molden, and is based on the compact spinning coasters built by Reverchon. The model is fully functional and absolutely massive!




From start to finish it takes approximately four hours to set up the model. This starts with the installation of the purpose-built table, followed by the loading station, supports, track and then finally decoration. Each section of track is bolted into place every time the model is erected.








Complete! A superb model that is well worth making a trip to see. These pictures and videos were taken prior to the 2017 Funfair Extravaganza in Churchdown, but the model has also been seen at various other events throughout the UK.

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3 responses to “Meccano “Wild Mouse” Rollercoaster build-up timelapse”

  1. Bevis Hobbs says:

    Love to make this, as we are doing about roller coasters in science.

  2. John Pratt says:

    Was that made with an erector set type of materials?

  3. Jason patterson says:

    This build is awesome and am a fan of the wild mouse rollercoaster thire such grate coasters would love to try build one or at least a coaster my self were did u get the parts from and the track pieces the the wheel glide along once again such an awesome build .

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