New Log Flume for Barry Island Pleasure Park

When Barry Island Pleasure Park re-opened in 2015, a fresh breath of life was injected into the iconic park.

Under the new ownership of Henry Danter, the park’s future once again seemed much more positive, with a focus on bringing in more rides and restoring the park to it’s former glory.

Speaking in 2015, Henry Danter promised that “By next season there will be more in Barry than anyone can imagine or have dreamed of, it’ll be the best park in Britain.” – and it looks like Mr Danter has stuck to his word!


The iconic flume that stood in the park from 1980-2015

For many people the essence of the original Barry Island was captured through the old and somewhat iconic Log Flume ride. The water ride, manufactured by Reverchon, operated at the park from 1980 until 2009. By the time that the Danters took over the park in 2015, the ride was sadly beyond repair and the only option was to remove it.

Whilst the demolition of the flume was not a popular decision amongst long-term fans of the park, Mr Danter promised a replacement in the future. Fast forward to 2016, and he has delivered on the promise.

New flume arrives at Barry Island in 2016. 

New flume arrives at Barry Island in 2016.

Pirate River Arrives

On 2nd February 2016, Barry Island announced the arrival of a new Log Flume ride. Whilst not set up yet, the pictures that the park has released suggest that the ride is another Flume from the Reverchon group, quite possibly the model that was previously travelled by Buwalda in Europe. The ride features two drops and follows a layout that you will be familar with from other flumes in the UK, such as the Zambezi Watersplash at West Midland Safari Park.



Image source: Barry Island Facebook

Whether or not this new ride will incorporate mountain theming elements similar to it’s predecessor is unknown, but we are sure the ride will look fantastic with or without it.

Barry Island opens daily from 12pm-6pm. More information can be found on their official website. We wish the Danter Family all the best for the 2016 season at Barry Island.

Take a ride on the Pirate River, under the ownership of Buwalda. Video by Kirmesmarkus on YouTube