Pleasure Beach Fountain Show rips woman’s vagina

Now. I’m sure it’s not very amusing for those involved – but this story certainly seems to have brought a smile to many people’s faces. 19 year old Shelby Clarke was on a family trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach when one of the fountains in the Dancing Water show sprayed up between her legs. Sounds harmless? Think again – these are very powerful jets! Poor Shelby was left needing 2 hours of surgery and 250 stitches.


The incident was deemed so serious that Shelby has been awarded a 5 figure compensation payout from the park, although it seems this may not be enough, the poor girl insists that her sex life has been completely ruined;

“Having sex was excruciating at first. Even now, I can’t have sex as much as I would like, and so that makes me worry that my boyfriend will lose patience and cheat on me”


We wish Shelby all the best!