Reverchon’s new Swinging Drifting Coaster

After years of success with the Spinning Mouse Coaster, rides manufacturer Reverchon have developed a new coaster concept for the travelling fairground industry – the Swing Coaster. This innovative new ride features four-seater cars with seats that swing freely as they navigate the sharp, unbanked corners of the coaster’s course.


The seats are arranged back to back, offering riders the chance to enjoy the ride both forwards and backwards, depending on how much sloshing around their stomach’s can take. The image above shows the new cars being tested on one of the old Mouse coasters, suggesting that the track of the new ride is of the same guage as other coasters from Reverchon, and perhaps hints that the swing cars could be available as a retrofit to existing Mouse coaster owners. Despite this, the new ride will have it’s own layout to really exploit the swinging motion, which comes as a refreshing change from the standard zig-zag layout that has become a staple of the travelling fairground scene.



The first one to be built, which shares a similar footprint to the spinning mouse coasters, will travel in Europe under the ownership of the German firm FTE Ahrend. It will feature 8 cars, travel on 8 trailers and take approximately 12 hours to set up with a 60ft crane.

A video of the new ride testing has surfaced on Facebook and it certainly looks interesting, with a much wider swing angle than we had originally expected. Take a look for yourself by watching the two videos below;




OFFRIDE VIDEO (Shows the swing cars testing on the track of an old Spinning Mouse Coaster)