The sun shines down on Alton Towers [Photos]

First things first, let’s start this post about Alton Towers in the traditional way – with a photo of Nemesis.


Nemesis of course now in its 21st year of operation, and still riding like a dream. The question is, though – is it really one of the best coasters out there, or is it just something that UK enthusiasts like to cling to? We’re undecided, it’s definitely an awesome coaster, but for us Black Mamba at Phantasialand is just that bit better… Anyway – more on this debate in a future dedicated post I’m sure.

The plan for this post was initially to take a load of photos around the park and provide you with a rich and varied gallery of images taken on a sunny April afternoon. Unfortunately this didn’t go quite to plan as we spent most of the day taking photos of Nemesis and forgot about the rest of the park – oops. Oh wait – here’s a photo of the Corkscrew!


Towers looks set for another great year, and is still pulling in the crowds despite the reduced opening hours and staggered opening of rides on quieter days. This was also our first chance to see the Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure – a Zamperla kiddies coaster located in Cbeebies land. Described by some as a “glorified wacky worm”, the coaster is a small figure 8, but to be fair it does look really good and they’ve done a pretty decent job of the theme and audio to match.


Now that’s enough of our rambling on – check out the photo gallery below to see a few shots from our day out.