Trip video: Port Aventura, Ferrari Land and Tibidabo

3 days, 3 parks! We’re back with our first trip overseas of 2018. This time we visit Port Aventura, Ferrari Land and Tibidabo.

This 3 night trip is surprisingly affordable and a great way to get your fix on some truly excellent rides, with the promise of some sunshine thrown in. What’s your favourite ride at Port Aventura? Let us know down below!

PULSAR, Walibi Belgium – World’s first Mack Power-Splash coaster!

Pulsar is the first “Power Splash” roller coaster from MACK Rides. It opened at Walibi Belgium in 2016, and it gets you SOAKED!

The ride is a shuttle coaster, powered by LSM launches. During the ride you’re launched 3 times – twice backwards and once forwards. After the final backwards launch flood gates quickly open and allow the final section of track to flood with water, ready for the final splashdown. You can see this gates operating in this video!

Pulsar can run with two boats on the system, thanks to it’s rotating loading platform. Unfortunately the ride was experiencing technical difficulties during our visit and was only operating with one boat, causing very long queue times!

New Log Flume for Barry Island Pleasure Park

When Barry Island Pleasure Park re-opened in 2015, a fresh breath of life was injected into the iconic park.

Under the new ownership of Henry Danter, the park’s future once again seemed much more positive, with a focus on bringing in more rides and restoring the park to it’s former glory.

Speaking in 2015, Henry Danter promised that “By next season there will be more in Barry than anyone can imagine or have dreamed of, it’ll be the best park in Britain.” – and it looks like Mr Danter has stuck to his word!


The iconic flume that stood in the park from 1980-2015

For many people the essence of the original Barry Island was captured through the old and somewhat iconic Log Flume ride. The water ride, manufactured by Reverchon, operated at the park from 1980 until 2009. By the time that the Danters took over the park in 2015, the ride was sadly beyond repair and the only option was to remove it.

Whilst the demolition of the flume was not a popular decision amongst long-term fans of the park, Mr Danter promised a replacement in the future. Fast forward to 2016, and he has delivered on the promise.

New flume arrives at Barry Island in 2016. 

New flume arrives at Barry Island in 2016.

Pirate River Arrives

On 2nd February 2016, Barry Island announced the arrival of a new Log Flume ride. Whilst not set up yet, the pictures that the park has released suggest that the ride is another Flume from the Reverchon group, quite possibly the model that was previously travelled by Buwalda in Europe. The ride features two drops and follows a layout that you will be familar with from other flumes in the UK, such as the Zambezi Watersplash at West Midland Safari Park.



Image source: Barry Island Facebook

Whether or not this new ride will incorporate mountain theming elements similar to it’s predecessor is unknown, but we are sure the ride will look fantastic with or without it.

Barry Island opens daily from 12pm-6pm. More information can be found on their official website. We wish the Danter Family all the best for the 2016 season at Barry Island.

Take a ride on the Pirate River, under the ownership of Buwalda. Video by Kirmesmarkus on YouTube

The day we went to Drayton Manor 2015!

Back in the 90’s Drayton Manor produced a fantastic souvenir video featuring an annoyingly catchy jingle. So, 20 years later we’ve produced our own version using the same music.

And just for reference, here’s the original video!

Chiapas POV, Phantasialand

Chiapas is a beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic, amazing, incredible, thrilling, exciting (..ok you get the point..) Log Flume ride located at Phantasialand in Germany. The Intamin built ride opened in 2014 and features the steepest drop on any flume in the world as well as an airtime hill and a reverse section and drop.

This onride POV was filmed by us in 2015 using a GoPro filming at 1080p – so get prepared for an HD soaking!

West Midland Safari Park 2015 [Photos]

The West Midland Safari Park is one of those places that you can just keep coming back to – it’s got a certain nostalgic value to it and a much more “relaxed” feel than you get when visiting “proper” Theme Parks. We recently visited the park to check out their new attraction; “The Land of the Living Dinosaurs” – billed as the largest animatronic dinosaur display in the UK. Once we got over the disappointment that the dinosaurs weren’t actually “living” at all [who’d have thought it?!], we thought the display was fantastic.


Click on the photo below to open up the full gallery!

Pleasure Beach Fountain Show rips woman’s vagina

Now. I’m sure it’s not very amusing for those involved – but this story certainly seems to have brought a smile to many people’s faces. 19 year old Shelby Clarke was on a family trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach when one of the fountains in the Dancing Water show sprayed up between her legs. Sounds harmless? Think again – these are very powerful jets! Poor Shelby was left needing 2 hours of surgery and 250 stitches.


The incident was deemed so serious that Shelby has been awarded a 5 figure compensation payout from the park, although it seems this may not be enough, the poor girl insists that her sex life has been completely ruined;

“Having sex was excruciating at first. Even now, I can’t have sex as much as I would like, and so that makes me worry that my boyfriend will lose patience and cheat on me”


We wish Shelby all the best!

Phantasialand, Chiapas log flume testing (2013)

Video showing the new log flume, Chiapas, testing at Phantasialand in Germany on the 10th/11th/12th September 2013.

The final big drop you see in the first shot will have water flowing down either side of to give the illusion that it is one giant waterfall that the boat is dropping down.

The site is almost fully fenced off, so it is hard film most of what is going on!

Skull Rock log flume – Oakwood Theme Park

On-ride and off-ride shots of Oakwood’s new for 2013 flume ride.

Skull Rock log flume opened at Oakwood Theme Park in 2013 as part of their new themed area – “Neverland”. The ride system used to be located at Camelot Theme Park before it was bought by Oakwood this year. Oakwood has put a pirate theme to the ride and it now includes a dark ride section before the drop.