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Derren Brown’s Ghost Train – Thorpe Park, Exterior and Shop

Take a look inside the shop at Derren Brown's Ghost Train, Thorpe Park.

  • Theme Parks
  • 4 July 2016

All Aboard Derren Brown’s Ghost Train at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park have revealed details of their new-for-2016 ride. Derren Brown's Ghost Train will re-write the rules of what theme parks can do.

  • Theme Parks
  • 18 January 2016

Hinzen’s Haunted Mansion ride – Meccano model

Take an on-board ride on this amazing Meccano model oh Johan Hinzen's Haunted Mansion, built by John and Michael Molden.

  • Funfairs
  • 17 January 2016

Thorpe Park release teaser video of Derren Brown dark ride

Thorpe Park's new Derren Brown inspired dark ride looks set to be dark and twisted with the release of this creepy teaser video.

  • Theme Parks
  • 3 December 2015

Legoland to build Haunted House Drop Ride

Legoland Windsor have received approval to build a new Ghost Haunted House attraction featuring an indoor drop tower ride.

  • Theme Parks
  • 2 December 2015

Fly through Abandoned Camelot Theme Park

There's nothing more eerie than an abandoned Theme Park. Channel 4 have taken a look inside the now-closed Camelot, Lancashire.

  • Theme Parks
  • 2 April 2015

THE CRYPT scare maze by Dan Cox

You don't need a large amount of time, money or space to create an immersive themed environment! Check out this home-haunt.

  • Attractions
  • 4 February 2015

The CRYPT promises to terrify even the bravest of souls

Halloween enthusiast and founder of Hold Tight Riders has built his own Scare Attraction at home. Are you brave enough to peek inside?

  • Attractions
  • 4 February 2015

Halloween Scare House 2012

Just for fun, we went a bit overboard with the halloween decorations and created something quite spooky in our house. Boo!

  • Attractions
  • 29 October 2012

Hold Fright Riders – Thorpe Park does Halloween

Thorpe Park Fright Nights are in full swing, we're back with an in-depth review of what is on offer this year. Contains spoilers!

  • Attractions
  • 12 October 2012