Will Rheinkirmes Düsseldorf take place in 2020?

With over 4 million visitors annually, Rheinkirmes Düsseldorf is a firm favourite with a global appeal, and not just for us fairground geeks! Visitors travel far and wide to experience the biggest Kirmes (funfair) on the Rhine, but will COVID 19 prevent it from going ahead in 2020?

What do we know so far?

Well, the latest from Germany is that all ‘major events’ will be cancelled until the end of August 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic. What we don’t know for sure though, is exactly what constitutes a major event.

Applying a bit of common sense here, it would be fair to assume that an event that attracts 4 million people into a 165,000 square meter showground over the course of just 10 days is almost certainly going to be classed as “major”. Indeed, many enthusiasts have already come to terms with the fact that the Kirmes probably won’t take place this year.

Perhaps even more indicative of the event’s impending cancellation is the fact the the Munich Oktoberfest has today been cancelled, an event that wouldn’t have started until September – the month after the event ban is due to be lifted. In their announcement the Oktoberfest stated that “the risks are simply too high”.

The view of the Rheinkirmes from the top of the Bellevue wheel

Looking back on a firm favourite

The best thing we can do right now is to stay at home and enjoy memories of previous events. The Rheinkirmes has become my “go-to” holiday event over the past 5 years, and I’ve spoken to many who have been going every year for far, far longer than that. So in the spirit of nostalgia, enjoy this video that we’ve put together using footage from the last few years of the Düsseldorf Rheinkirmes, and a few more photos below. Stay safe!